When I start my feed cycle it only turns things off for a couple of seconds, then everything turns back on; why?

The below description ONLY applies to firmware versions earlier than 3.40

The AC menu contains 3 buttons, SELECT, UP and DOWN. Neptune has assigned 'quick' operations to these keys as follows:

SELECT - Exists the RUN (or STATUS) menu and places the operator into menu navigation. The SELECT also acts like the ENTER key to select or activate the menu
UP - Scrolls through the various status screens going from icon view to AC status, to PX1000 status (if connected)
DOWN - Activates a FEED cycle

The issue is lack of keys which results in user error when activating feed cycles. In every operation from the menu the user must hit SELECT in order to activate the operation; FEED is DIFFERENT. When FEED is active the SELECT button cancels the feed operation and this is what causes operator pain when selecting feed cycles. The user expects to need to hit select to begin the feed cycle but what they are actually doing is cancelling the feed cycle immediately.

The correct method to activate a feed cycle is:

1) Press the DOWN button, feed cycle A is displayed and if that is the cycle you want to active do nothing more and the feed cycle will begin within a few seconds
2) If you wish to activate an alternate feed cycle press UP/DOWN until the correct feed cycle (A, B, C or D) is displayed and do nothing more, again the feed cycle will begin within a few seconds.

Pressing the SELECT button at any time will cancel the feed cycle.

Update: A new version of the AC3 firmware has since been released that changes the above behavior. Beginning with version 3.40 of the AC3 firmware you now MUST press select after the DOWN button on the controller.

Firmware updates may be downloaded from the Neptune Systems Download Page.