I want to limit the amount of an outlet runs once it turns on.

OSC 000:00/000:01/000:30 Then ON

If Switchx4_1 OPEN Then ON
Defer 010 Then ON
If Outlet Repeat = ON Then OFF



Fallback OFF
If Switchx4_1 OPEN Then ON
If Outlet Limit = ON Then OFF

Here is how it works ...

'Repeat' is a pulse; it allows the outlet to turn on after a while if the condition is still true but each run will not be greater than the DEFER time in 'Limit'

Basically, once the test condition is met and 'Kalk' would turn on ('Limit' also turns on but the Defer value delays it from turning on for the amount of time equal to the max on time you want. Once the Defer is met then the 'Limit' turns on which turns off 'Kalk' (thus limiting the max on time). The 'Repeat' outlet pulses and will force 'Limit' off, allowing the cycle to repeat.

Repeat and Limit are dummy timers and since the Apex is nearly unlimited to the number of outlets you have plenty of space...