When my return and skimmer pumps come out of feedA I want my ozone to come on for 1 hour, no matter what the ORP level is.

OzonePlus (a dummy timer)
If Outlet SkimB = Off Then OFF
If Outlet SkimB = On Then ON
Defer 060 Then On

The OzonePlus will turn On/Off same as the SkimB but the Defer will block the outlet from turning on until 60 minutes after the skimmer turns on.

Fallback OFF
If ORP > 350 Then OFF
If ORP < 300 Then ON
If Outlet OzonePlus = Off Then ON
If FeedA 030 Then OFF
If Outlet SkimB = OFF Then OFF

Here is how it works ...

Feed cycle starts, turning off SkimB, which turns off OzonePlus (which would turn on Ozone normally but as Feed and If outlet for SkimA come later they will keep Ozone off.

Once Feed ends and SkimB turn on then OzonePlus will try to turn on but the Defer will keep it from turning on until 1 hour later.  In the meantime the last 4 statements in the Ozone no longer override the OzonePlus turning on the Ozone it will come on.

1 Hour later the OzonePlus turns ON (Defer expires) causing the If Outlet OzonePlus to be false, leaving the Ozone outlet in whatever state the ORP has it set to.