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Management DNS Resolution is one of a number of companies that provide management services for Dynamic DNS (DDNS) tacking.

Most home internet connections today are dynamic meaning that the public address (the address used from outside the home) used to connect to the home may change over time.  While some ISPs use sticky IP; meaning that the address doesn't change unless there is an extended period of downtime there remains the chance that the IP will change at some point.  This dynamicness can complicate the steps needed to connect to your network from outside and to make this operation more straight forward services like those offered by DynDNS are invaluable.  Once you have an account and configure the (account) information into your router connections to your home become as easy as entering the URL you setup using the DynDNS service.  The router will manage communications with the DynDNS service, updating the IP address as needed.

If, as in some cases your router does not support DynDNS configuration directly then there is a client application that is installed on one of your home machine which will replace the router functionality and maintain the information in the DynDNS account for you.

The method you choose above depends on the facilities available in your router.

Example configuration screens for the DynDNS account setup can be found here.

Neptune Systems has some FAQ and configuration help here.

Router configuration screens

The links below are a collection of configuration screens from routers commonly found in a variety of home networks. Over time I plan to collect images from many routers for DSL, Cable Modem, FIOS, etc. Check back if you do not find your listed though you may find that examining the ones below, even if your specific unit is not listed may provider you with sufficient information to complete your configuration.

Configuration screens for the DLink-825 Router
Configuration screens for the LinkSys WRT 54G Router
Configuration screens for the Verizon FIOS ActionTec Router
Configuration screens for the Airport Extreme Router